Our Candidates

ITP selects candidates with ample teaching experience who want to spend time working at Spanish institutions. These professionals can not only contribute to the internationalization of your curriculum, but their presence in your campus will impact the learning community in a number of other very positive ways.



It typically takes ITP between ten and twelve months to select and place a candidate. However, arrival in Spain could be delayed in some cases by the visa request procedures.

Matching Process

Our human resources professionals will work with your academic departments to find the candidates that best match your needs. Our combined expertise in human resources and international education will allow us to set up the specific arrangement that will maximize positive outcomes for all involved.


Services/Compensation  to be Provided

The services and compensation to be provided by the host institution vary for each candidate and scenario, but would typically include a standard salary, medical and accident insurance, local transportation, and access to all facilities, services and research centers of the organization.